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Twenty years ago, to come back to the place where we were born was a life choice and that was conditioned by the opportunity to earn a living from our work. The principles that guide us are those of respect for the ecosystem which surrounds us, the fertility of the soil, the use of water as a sacred gift, the cultivation of plants according to their natural rhythms and their great diversity.

Today we can testify to the truth of that law of biodynamics which says:

Life – given the appropriate conditions – will always create life, growth and propagation in a limitless exuberance of growth and a limitless manifestation of life.

The harmony of this environment and its fruits is what our guests find when they come here.

To abandon the rhythm of the city, of work, of the clock and really go on holiday, means regenerating the body and the mind. This is what Pirapora offers to its adult guests but, above all, to their children.

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